fast tire changeAs we become more and more reliant on cars to get us from place to place we realize that even the vehicles of the future have some soft spots. even those cars with run flat tires will eventually need the driver and / or passenger to exit the vehicle and do what is for some the most dreaded of tasks – changing a tire.

Race car drivers have pit crews to do this for them. Mechanics have tire changer wheel balancer combo machines to do all the tough work for them. But for us common folk, changing a tire means getting our hands dirty.

The fact of the matter is that this is not a task that should fill anyone with dread.

If you follow some simple steps then changing a car tire is simple.

Firstly if you have blowout or can hear a strange noise from your tire area then immediately pull over. And try and pull over where you will not be a danger to either yourself or other road users.

Check for traffic flow. Changing a tire can be dangerous in high traffic flow areas.If in doubt call call for assistance.

If you are confident that you will not be in any danger then open up the trunk. Most modern passenger vehicles will have the spare under a carpet in the trunk.

Lift it out and give it a bounce or two -if it seems in good condition then you are all set. But you will need two very important pieces of equipment – The jack and the wheel spanner.

Take a look under the chassis of the car nearest the problem tire. Most will have a tailor made slot to fit the top of the jack. Start turning and the jack will reach that spot when rested on the ground. Slot the top of the jack in and start turning.

Now this is important. Before the damaged tire is off the ground you will have to loosen the wheel lugs. Do this and make sure that they will come off easily when you use the ‘spanner’.

Once you have that done then a couple of turns will lift the wheel from the ground. Using the wheel spanner twist off the wheel ‘nuts’ and remove the wheel.

Pop the spare on. Tighten one or more lugs and lower the jack. Then put on all the other lugs and drop the jack down to the ground. Remove it.

Then make absolutely sure to tighten everything up and you have just changed your car tire.

Simple. Of course, if you are a visual learner, here is a good YouTube video that demonstrates the right way to change your own tire:

But if you have any doubt then always call for assistance. it may seem like a simple thing to do, but better safe than sorry.